I could tell you that I’m a wife to Colin, a college football coach at Lakeland University. I can tell you I am a mom to three crazy kids, two boys; Colton and Canaan and a little girl name Blakely. Or, I can tell you I’m a chapstick addict, fitness lover, chips and dipaholic, and I’m the happiest when I’m outside in the warm weather with the sun shinning and my toes in the water. But that is just basic get to know you stuff. So let me go deeper…Did you know I became a full time photographer by accident? I have always loved photos and creating, however, I never thought of photography as a career when I was in high school. I dove into the photography business in 2008 after taking candid photos of my friend and her boyfriend at the ocean. I fell in love with what I captured and in 2011 I was a full time photographer. I BUILT A BUSINESS…on my own…knowing nothing…not even taking a marketing or business class and being terrible at math. Even though I have built a growing photography business over the years, it can still be terrifying! Fear can come out of nowhere, making you doubt yourself, and everything becomes overwhelming. It has taken me several years but I’m finally at a point in my business that I had longed for. I get to be passionate about my work, create stunning images, and work with high school seniors and families. I am able to help provide for my family and be with my children. I truly believe my purpose is to serve and for me, that is connecting and forming relationships with my clients and giving them the best experience, giving young guys and girls confidence going into their senior year.